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SSL Checker

SSL Certificate Checker

It's always mandatory to know if the website you are going to submit any sensitive information in is secure enough.  To measure a secure connection, the first thing to know is if the site has an active SSL Certificate. This tool helps you identify SSL certificate of any domain/website.

Check SSL certificate of a website

To check if a website or domain has an active SSL certificate, just input the domain of the website and hit check button. Our SSL Checker Tool will do a test to identify the installed SSL certificate and will let you know the information of the certificate in details (such as the issuer of the certificate, country of the issuer, algorithm used in encryption with signature and the serial number of the certificate.)

Why SSL Certificate is important

An SSL certificate creates an encrypted environment/route that brings your sensitive information (such as your card info or birth date) from your device to the remote server. If there is no SSL, attackers can retrieve the information in the midway of the connection.